Cyclone OW wins Go4Overwatch January Finals

Sun 19th Mar 2017 - 7:02pm General

For our squad, the day started with a first round bye (pretty anticlimactic, we know). Their first real match of the day was against the #4 seed in the tournament and Europe's 42nd best team known as Maru LLC. After an easy 2-0 sweep, the team knew that the semifinals were going to be anything but a cakewalk, as their opponent was GamersOriginOW. The French side had earned the most points in the month's ESL tournaments and was rated as the 10th best team in Europe. But not even they could stand in the way of the storm that was destined for the finals, as it was another 2-0 sweep for our favorite Overwatch team.

CycloneGG finally got time on stream in the finals of the tournament. B0nkers was only two spots behind GamersOriginOW in the EU rankings at 12th, so Cyclone wasn't out of the woods just yet. The first map in the best of five series would be on Lijiang Tower, with the first point being the Control Center. Crem's Tracer was enough for b0nkers to win the first fight and hold the point to 24%, but the point would change sides after CycloneGG's team wipe. Our squad was then able to pin the opposing side into their spawn for a good portion of the point, and won the last teamfight when both teams invested all their ultimates. Next was Night Market, and b0nkers once again were the first to take the point. They would win the next two teamfights, with b0nkers' Casper's "Nanoblade" doing some serious damage despite Boombox's Transcendence. B0nkers was grouped up towards the inner part of the map, so Cyclone simply went around the right side from their spawn near the edge of the map onto the objective. With the point at 99% in favor of the opposition, Cyclone used Crusade's Sound Barrier to take the point at the last possible moment. Undortunately, that hold didn't last long, as Emil's deadly aim as Soldier 76 completely decimated Cyclone in what would be the fight to make it 1-1. Cyclone once again couldn't capture the point on their first try on Garden, as they were zoned out perfectly by Casper's Pharah. It wouldn't take them long to cap though, as b0nkers only had 26% when the point changed to blue. The teams traded kills in the next few fights, but b0nkers got what the game is all about when Cyclone had 99% capture. Destro's Tactical Visor, Poks' Dragonblade, and Mowzassa's Primal Rage were the three nails in b0nkers' coffin, the score was now 2-1 for "the good guys". Neither team grouped up for the first fight on Control Center, but Cyclone was able to get the most picks and their stake on the objective. It was as if we were rewatching the first point, as b0nkers could barely leave their spawn to get anywhere close to the objective. At 98% for Cyclone, Luddee was able to Soundwave Destro off the map during Tactical Visor, not a great start to a teamfight. A bad start usually means a bad finish, as b0nkers was finally able to capture the Control Center. B0nkers invested a lot of ultimates in the following fight, meaning that Cyclone would have the advantage in the long run. Lateks' Earthshatter completely dominated the following fight, as Cyclone's advantage on this point slowly slipped away. Cyclone was finally able to kill the other team's three tanks and capture the point as enemies were trickling in. First map goes the way of Cyclone, with b0nkers' Latek getting Play of the Game as Reinhardt. 

Another Control map you say? Yes, Nepal this time, first on the Sanctum point. Although no team had any kills before the point was able to be captured, b0nkers did a great job keeping Cyclone behind their Reinhardt shield close to their spawn. Boombox's Transcendence completely nullified Emil's Graviton Surge, finally letting Cyclone free from their spawn and letting them cap the objective with the other side at 53%. With 80% in favor of Cyclone, b0nkers was finally able to crack the defense. Epzz's Biotic Grenade into Emil's Graviton Surge completely got rid of Boombox's Transcendence, which along with an eventual Tactical Visor from Crems was able to secure the first point for b0nkers. Next up would be Shrine, and it started with a capture by b0nkers despite a double kill by Destro on Pharah. Destro eventually switched back to his trusty Soldier 76, and that was enough to secure the point after b0nkers captured 76%. Casper's Nanoblade wasn't enough in the end, as Cyclone tied it up at 1-1 after a teamwipe. Cyclone didn't lose a life in the first skirmish on Village and were able to take the point first. Crems and Casper were able to pick apart Cyclone in the following fight as Tracer and Genji, helping their team take the point after Cyclone's 36% capture. The next fight was two separate skirmishes, but Cyclone won both handily to regain the point after a 37% capture by the opposition. Emil's Graviton Surge in the next engagement separated Cyclone, which made them easy pickings for b0nkers' DPS. At 96% for Cyclone, b0nkers made things close by once again getting the point. Mowzassa made sure things didn't get too interesting with a great Primal Rage to seal the deal. It was a good start for Cyclone on what could be the final point on Shrine, as they get the first capture. Davin kept getting picks as Tracer while Mowzassa zoned near b0nker's spawn, but all good things must come to an end. B0nkers got that end by Nanoboosting Reinhardt (Lateks), who netted a triple kill that helped his team capture the point as Cyclone hit 94%. Casper's Whole Hog during Luddee's Sound Barrier wasn't enough for b0nkers to keep the point for long though. Cyclone took the second map shortly after, with Destro getting Play of the Game as Soldier 76. 

We finally saw something besides a Control map in Watchpoint Gibraltar, an Escort map. B0nkers would attack first, and they needed a great push in order to start the reverse sweep. Led by Poks' Genji, b0nkers captured the first point in 1:20, giving them 5:10 to capture the second point. They were able to capture the second point after a flurry of ultimates were thrown out by both sides with only a few meters to go. B0nkers captured the second point with 3:50 remaining, the exact same capture time as the first point. With 5:20 left on the clock, could b0nkers finish the job? Cyclone finally showed some fight in them during the final defense, this was going to be the hardest capture if they had anything to say about it. The first two fights for this point would go the way of Cyclone, as the payload was at a standstill for about a minute. In the end, b0nkers wasn't able to push the payload past 79.25m after the second point. If Cyclone could finish the map, they would win it all! With 2:29 left on the clock, Cyclone captured the first point on the back of Destro's Soldier 76. They captured the first point 11 seconds slower than their opposition, but that would be fine as long as they finish the map. Davin's triple kill as Tracer and Poks' Dragonblade finished off the second point with 3:05 remaining. 4:33 to finish the map and secure the win! B0nkers held on until Overtime by constantly throwing bodies on the objective, but Cyclone was able to wipe the opposition and push the payload the final meters to victory!

To see the complete bracket, go here. To see the full VOD of the finals (Russian commentary), go here and start at 3 hours, 34 minutes. Lastly, go here to watch us climb the GosuGamers rankings! Thank you for your support of CycloneGG!

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