Cyclone enters the fields of Halcyon Fold

Wed 1st Mar 2017 - 4:48am General

PTLam, WalDeMar, Melyssandre, radha and red-ABTION. This is the quintet that will be representing the stormiest team that has ever walked through Halcyon Fold! Some with great experience and some determined to show their best selves in their debut in the Vainglory esports scene, this squad is surely not one to be taken lightly. Normally we'd be taking a look back at the squad's history but not this time. Each one of them has a different background. Each has a different past, but being for the first time together is no obstacle for this skill-filled roster!


    Firstly, let's talk about one of the veterans of the team, WalDeMar. Having played under various organizations in the span of his 2 year career, such as SK Gaming, SNOW Avalanche and Avalanche, not only he gained great experience playing competitively on the highest level but also had the opportunity to adapt to playing in different environments and with different teammates. In terms of tournaments during these years he hardly missed any. Starting with a 4th place in the EU Autumn 2015 Championship he promptly improved and by mid 2016 already got the 1st spot in the EU Summer Championship. His path did not stop there, though, as in Decemember he finally got the opportunity to play against the best of the best from around the world in the 2016 World Championship and even if he did not finish among the first, the experience gained alone would be essential for future success. Now in Cyclone, WalDeMar is looking to share his wisdom with the rest of the team as they take their first steps in the competitive scene together.

    Talking about veterans, PTLam, has been around the game for as long. While playing for SNOW Tsunami, he got the opportunity to participate in 2 LAN Championships getting a 2nd place in both. Not having achieved international play yet, he surely is determined to do his best in order to reach the stages of the Vainglory World Championship and by being an excellent player in all the main roles (Captain, Jungle, Lane), we are sure he is going to do so.

    On the other hand, Mellysandre, radha and red-ABTION are players who will experience competitive play for their first time. By no mean this leads to lack of performance as every one of them are exceptional players who will have no struggle against any opponent. Melyssandre, coming from the League of Legends competitive scene brings fresh ideas to the team and is able to adapt to any playstyle needed for the situation. Radha has a similar story. Him and Melyssandre joined the game together which contributes to their extraordinary teamwork and synergy. Lastly, red-ABTION is as much of a player as he is a coach. His best trait is analyzing not only his own gameplay but also gameplay from other pro players. Additionally he's also adequate at working on the team's strategies in all of their games which makes him a crucial part of the squad.

    All in all, with this team full of talent, teamwork, and dedication, we are confident that we can achieve anything with our main goal being the 2017 Vainglory World Championship! Until then we have a long way to travel. A road full of obstacles we will face, with lots of Vain Crystals to destroy! No one shall stand in our paths!



WalDeMar - Jungle/Lane

PTLam - Jungle/Lane/Captain

Melyssandre - Captain

radha - Jungle

red-ABTION - Captain


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  • The announcement of cyclone entrance in Halcyon fold is good news. But why the college papers help services of all team members name is given there? Don’t you think the first passage is giving the odd look? If we getting all valuable information through your blog then we don’t have any need to subscribe twitter account.

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