SMITE: AlphaJackal & iceicebaby look ahead to Valance Squadron

Sat 25th Feb 2017 - 3:36am General

After falling 0-2 to Team Dignitas to start the split, Valance Squadron is our SMITE team's chance to not fall too far behind in the EU SPL standings. Valance Squadron sits at 3-1 on the year after splitting a series with 2x World Champions NRG, but we have a chance to knock them down a few pegs! Check out how thanks to our Coach AlphaJackal and Jungler iceicebaby! 


You’re coming off a 0-2 loss to Team Dignitas to start the split. Are you going to run a similar strategy or did you go back to the drawing board?

AlphaJackal: We will have a similar but different strategy in mind in order to target their prioritized win conditions.

iceicebaby: We learned our lesson from Dignitas and we will do the same stuff in drafting but we will make different calls. If we do that, I feel like we can beat Valance.


Against Dignitas your start was to have everyone start in their respective lane and you found yourselves losing your jungle at level 1. Are we going to see some of the team look to the jungle sooner so you don’t fall behind as much early?

AlphaJackal: Possibly, it really comes down to where we best think the draft would be strongest and weakest at level 1.

iceicebaby: As long as we realise where can we get pressure, our starts should be better.


Are there any gods/compositions that Valance Squadron likes to run that you will be targeting in picks and bans?

AlphaJackal: Yes, but that information is classified. (Hint, the god rhymes with Nah Wash) 

iceicebaby: As AJ stated I can’t say nothing specific but we are definitely prepared.


Who do you consider to be the “center” of this Valance Squadron roster? Who do they play around?

AlphaJackal: I think they are very versatile, able to draft around any player on the team, and that’s where their real strength lies in my opinion.

iceicebaby: They probably play around Lawbster (their midlaner) the most, I’m not sure who the shotcaller is though. He may make some of the calls, but he shouldn't be an issue in terms of individual skill.


Valance Squadron has started off the split with a 3-1 record, did you expect this much out of them?

AlphaJackal: Honestly I expected them to play as well as they have shown, the fact they are 3-1 rather than my predicted 2-2 is down to a possible underperformance of NRG. Taking nothing away from them they are a fantastic team and their performances so far show it.

iceicebaby: They are a solid team and seem to be getting along with each other so that result isn’t that surprising however their downfall will start this Saturday when we 2-0 them.


In order to see how it all plays out, you can catch the action at 2:45pm EST (11:45am PST, 7:45pm GMT) on Saturday, February 25 at

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Thanks to AlphaJackal and iceicebaby for their time, make sure to give them a follow as well: @AlphaJackal , @iceicebaby_0



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