Cyclone vs Sanguine Interview

Sat 18th Mar 2017 - 3:34pm General

Not able to secure a 3-pointer set yet, the Cyclone squad looks confident and ready to get that first W of the split! Sanguine might not be the best team in EU we still can't disrespect them as any lack of focus may be fatal for the team. Today we have AlphaJackal and Deathwalker with us giving us their opinions and view on the Cyclone vs Sanguine set.


  • Thus far you managed to get only splits and losses. Do we see the first 3 points set today for the team?


AlphaJackal: Yes, but we know we have to play well to make sure we secure those 2 wins, despite the fact they don't have a win yet Sanguine can still be a very dangerous team


Deathwalker: Saying "no" would be a lie.


  • On a scale from 1-10, how screwed is Sanguine?


AlphaJackal: About the same as how broken Thoth is on a scale of 1-10


Deathwalker: Find the area of the shape that is enclosed by the curve y=5/4x and the xx' axis from (0,0) to (4,0)


  • Who do you think will give you the most trouble from the enemy team?


AlphaJackal: MrSt3fan, unless MikeTheMagikarp gets Odin, then we're screwed Kappa


Deathwalker: Deathpanter because we both have Death in our names. People with Death in their names are beasts.


  • Recently we've seen the 3 Guardian/2 Hunter comp quite often. What's your take on it?


AlphaJackal: Fantastic, but has its drawbacks that stop it being the dominate composition in the meta


Deathwalker: This kind of comp needs to have high damage dealing guardians in order to properly work, otherwise you should be able to get away with building lots of phys prot and low mag prot. If the comp has high damage dealing guardians and normal hunters then it's tough to deal with because a comp like that can snowball very easily. Getting out of the early game without falling too far behind and pressuring wherever it's possible is the best way to fight against it. Guardians have low mobility usually so picking them off is a great way to stay in the game.


  • Zhong Kui's buff is one many people are talking about lately. Does it, in your opinion, make him competitively viable?


AlphaJackal: Once they fix the problem with his card consummation doing less damage than it should, then yes


Deathwalker: He was competitively viable even before the buff, this just made him a little bit better in the early laning phase. Also you don't have to worry too much about losing damage when you consume the card with another ability, but maximizing damage will still require proper use of abilities making him pretty much the same in fights.



In order to see how it all plays out, you can catch the action at 5:15pm EST (3:15pm PST, 10:15pm GMT) today (Saturday, March 18th) at

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