Welcome Scott Garland (Head of content)

Wed 26th Apr 2017 - 8:56am General

Cyclone has made a new addition to our staff team today, please welcome Scott Garland. He will be our new Head of Content. Here’s an interview with Scott to help with introducing him.


Tell us a little background about yourself

I’m a 17-year-old currently a senior at my local high school. Next year I will be attending University of Colorado Boulder where I intend to major in business marketing. Some of my hobbies are hiking, longboarding, watching football, eating or making food and playing video games.


How did you get into esports?

The first esport I ever watch was Call of Duty. I started playing Call of Duty when I was seven but never knew about the esports scene until Call of Duty Ghosts (2013). I heard about an event from a YouTuber I watched, that YouTuber was OpTic Nadeshot. I decided to watch the full tourney and root on OpTic, and that event got me hooked. A couple years after that my friend introduced me to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I played that game for about half a year before I was introduced into the pro scene. Ever since then I’ve been following esports of all games, such as Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, etc.


How did you get into the work side of esports?

One day I was roaming Twitter when I came across an application for a social media coverage position at eSports Nation. I applied, and within a week I got the job. At that job, I would live tweet events to the company's Twitter. After being with the company for around a month, I had the opportunity to start writing for them too. I decided to accept the new position. Soon after becoming a writer for eSports Nation, it was bought out by GAMURS (now DOT Esports). With the acquiring of eSports Nation, I got to keep my position and then I became a writer for GAMURS, and the rest is history.


What’s your favorite thing about esports?

I personally really enjoy esports because it’s like any other sport. I love the competition as well as following my favorite team through their tournaments. Also, all the personalities of the players are awesome to see through streams, videos, etc. Video games have also always been one of my favorite hobbies. So seeing video games portrayed as a professional sport, it really intrigued me to watch it.


Becoming the Head of Content for Cyclone, what do you have in store?

As the Head of Content, I’m here to make sure that our site,, has content being pumped out constantly. I’ll be bringing on a writing team to help me with this. The sort of articles you will see soon will be player interviews, day-to-day event recaps, team news and sponsorship spotlights. Once Cyclone adds more teams, I also had the idea of adding a “Player of the Month” article which would put spotlight on one of our most outstanding players for that month. Overall I’m really excited to be a part of the Cyclone Family, and I’m looking forward to producing content for our fans.




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